GFWC Volunteers Help COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

With open hearts, our members embraced the opportunity to assist our community for one of the most important endeavors in our lifetime.  After learning about the many people involved with vaccines around the world and of the great demands upon the health care system to vaccinate against COVID-19, Eileen Roth, GFWC Woman’s Club of Ste Genevieve Recording Secretary, contacted the Vaccine Distribution Coordinator, Katie Hogenmiller, of Ste. Genevieve Memorial Hospital.   Eileen offered the volunteer services of our club members.  Ms. Hogenmiller accepted our offer to provide assistance.  Members eagerly volunteered to help with the Vaccine Clinics.  They helped with registration, directed people to stations for the shots, and any other requests by Ms. Hogenmiller.  For the month of March our members attended the six vaccination clinics.  Eleven members volunteered over sixty-six hours at the March clinics.  Our members are volunteering at the three clinics being held in April.  We will continue to volunteer as long as these clinics are held.  Ms. Hogenmiller has extended her appreciation for our help.

To be a part of such an important endeavor provides a rewarding experience for us all.  Providing support to Shot @ Life is important, too.  Members continue to sign petitions to Congress to approve FY22 spending in support of vaccinations internationally.